When I was 12 and my little brother was 3, monsters entered our home.  You know, the monsters with one eye, a snaggle tooth and wiry hair.  The kind that hide in children’s closets and under their beds. Yea.  That type. So being the older sister who needed to protect her little brother at all costs, I emptied my Suave hairspray bottle, wrapped a piece of paper around it, wrote “Monster Be Gone” and added some water to the bottle – instant DIY Monster Spray.  I told him just two squirts would help to keep the Monsters away.

Fast forward to now, and the monsters have returned, this time targeting my 3-year-old son in the form of cuddly but terrifying monster teddy bears. Thankfully, my monster-repelling tactics have matured alongside me.

DIY Monster Spray Free Printable Label
Enter the new and improved Monster Spray 2.0! This iteration utilizes a recycled Suave Detangler bottle (courtesy of my daughter) filled with a calming lavender oil and water mixture. Two nightly spritzes, aimed dramatically at the ceiling fan, have become a bedtime ritual. While the monster-repelling efficacy might be debatable, the comfort and security it brings my son are undeniable.

It’s the little things, right? This simple spray provides a sense of control and routine, helping him feel safe and ready for sleep.

Printable Labels for Monster Spray Bottles

For those battling their own monster invasions, I’ve included downloadable blue and pink Monster Spray labels below:

Blue Label in pdf format

Pink Label in pdf format

For personal use only. Do not alter.

Once you’ve downloaded the file to your computer, print it onto a full-page label or regular printer paper and attach it to a spray bottle – The Suave Hairspray and Detangler Bottles are perfect and inexpensive!

Remember, the best monster spray is the one that brings comfort and security to your little one. So grab a recycled bottle, a calming scent (like lavender!), and create a bedtime ritual that chases away the monsters – real or imagined.