When my children were very small I started a tradition of sending them Letters from Santa. Each letter was printed on Official Santa Letterhead and personalized to the child – it is addressed to them, speaks to some of their hobbies and likes, and also reminds them to make sure to try harder on something they may be struggling with. It really creates a bit of extra magic to the season. Do you know someone that would enjoy a letter from Santa?

Official Santa Letterhead Printable
Good, because I’ve made this available as a free printable so others can do the same for their children! Simply download the Official Santa Claus Letterhead from the bottom of this post. Save it to your computer and open in Adobe Reader.

I’ve made the pdf editable so that you can type in a message to the child. Alternatively, you may print and handwrite the message! Pop the personalized letter from Santa into an envelope (a red one would be awesome!) and mail it to your child!

This is a tradition my children really came to look forward to. November would hit and they would start to muse when they would receive their letters, and when they came in the mailbox they were each excited to rip it open to see what the big man had to say!

Not only did my own children receive letters, but so did my nieces and nephews! I had a blast coming up with the perfect thing to write for each child. I think I enjoy this tradition as much as the children did.

Letter from Santa Printable

Printable Letter from Santa

Download the Letter from Santa in pdf format.

For personal use only.

I would love to hear from you if you use this printable! Share a photo with me on Facebook, or send me an email letting me know what your kids thought of their letter! I’ve also been asked if library’s and other organizations can use this printable and the answer is yes, as long as you’re not trying to profit off from it!