As I’ve mentioned before, my kids love narwhals. I hear them singing the narwhal song regularly.┬áSo when I asked them what type of valentines they would like to hand out this year, it was inevitable that one of them would say Narwhal Valentines!

Printable Narwhal Valentine

I had the leftover design that I didn’t use for my daughter’s narwhal pillowcase that I decided to use for these. I made a few alterations and was good to go. I tried coming up with some fun “narwhal” puns, but that proved a bit challenging. I looked online for inspiration, but I wasn’t impressed with any I found there either… so I ended up with “You’re one of a kind, Valentine” and “Be Unique”. I thought both were fitting for these printable narwhal valentines!

The little narwhals came from Oriental Trading. They are squirters, so the kids can fill them up with water and squirt it out. I love pairing Valentines with a small treat or non-food item. I find non-food items safest for school, especially since both of my younger kids have a child in their class with severe allergies. I try to pick items that aren’t junk and that I think kids will play with. These narwhal squirters were cute, and unique and would make great bath toys!

Printable Narwhal Valentine

I ended up packaging the narwhals up in mini takeout containers and attached the valentine with baker’s twine. Cute and simple and the kids are excited to hand them out!

I hope you and your children enjoy handing out these printable Narhwal Valentine Cards.

Download the Narwhal Valentine Cards in pdf format.

Make sure to save the file to your computer and open in Adobe Reader to print.

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