This post brought to you by Cut It Out.

Little Girl's Room Gallery WallOne of my very favorite parts of my daughters Mermaid Room is the Gallery Wall. When redoing her room I had one whole wall that was bare. I had brainstormed several ideas until I decided on a Gallery Wall. And I KNEW I needed to use the amazing frames I’ve seen from Cut It Out. VOTING for the Cricut Design Space Star is NOW LIVE! I hope you’ll take a moment to quickly vote for my room via the Cricut Facebook Page!

Little Girl's Room Gallery WallI love the shapes, the sizes, the double-frame option and how customizable the Cut It Out Frames are. They are made from MDF and are of high quality.

Custom Painted FramesOnce I received the frames, I followed the instructions that were included for painting them. I used a foam roller and acrylic paint. It took me about 1 hour to paint all the frames. I let them dry overnight and painted a second coat. After letting them dry for two hours, I brought them up to my daughters.

Custom Gallery Wall FramesI tried out several different layouts on the floor of her room. Once I chose the layout I wanted, I carefully measured everything out so that it fit the space I wanted. I used a pencil to mark the wall for each frame and then used 3M Velcro Command Strips to adhere the frames to the wall. I love using the strips because it makes it super simple to get the frame in place without having to measure to the exact nail hole, etc. Once I got the first frame in place, I re-checked my measurements for the second frame, made certain they were right and hung that one and continued on down the line. Hanging the frames took all of 10 minutes.

Little Girl's Room Gallery WallI’m sure people will ask, so here are the frames I received:

The one with the “We love you more than there are fishes in the sea” Print is the 11×14 Grace Oval

The “Mermaid Crossing” Print frame is a 5×7 Preston

The Mermaid Frame is a 5×7 Balboa

The Whale Specimen Art Frame is an 8×10 Newport

The “ABC I Love You Print” is an 8×10 Brooklyn Double Layer

Don’t you love all of the items I put IN the frames?

DIY Whale Speciment ArtDIY Paper Piece MermaidThe mermaid and the whale specimen art I created with my Cricut Explore and cardstock. Super simple to make and I love how cute they look.

Little Girl's Room Gallery WallABC I Love You Child's Room ArtworkThe other three are printables that I designed and have made available as free downloads below.

ABC I Love You 8×10 Print

Fishes in the Sea 11×14 Print

Mermaid Crossing 5×7 Print