Each year for Christmas my kids make each other handmade gifts. They typically think up a project and I help them brainstorm it and then they carry it through to fruition. This year, the girls struggled a bit on what to make their brother… he STILL uses his Duct Tape Checker Board from last year, so they wanted to really come up with something cool again.

Loop Loom Tic Tac Toe Board Kids Craft

My oldest has been really into her Loop N Loom (affiliate link) lately which inspired this idea! She was creating some pot holders and realized the pattern she created was similar to a tic tac toe board! She made some adjustments and came out with the perfect board. (The pattern is: 5 green, 2 blue, 4 green, 2 blue, 5 green). From there, the two girls began thinking up ways to make the tic tac toe pieces. I suggested making them out of clay and they thought that was perfect. My 5 year old sat down and created the pieces – she did the X’s by herself. I helped with the O’s which were a bit harder to get “just right”. While those were baking, her and I whipped up a drawstring bag to keep all of the pieces together. This is going to be the PERFECT gift for my Tic Tac Toe loving son!

Do your kids make each other gifts?

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