This is another one of those projects that I learned as a child and never forgot.  My daughter makes these simple and fun finger puppets all the time.  You can make them as elaborate as you want.  We have added yarn for hair, googly eyes, color paper, etc.  Teach this to your kids and watch what their imaginations unfold!
1 8.5×11 piece of paper
Embellishments (yarn, googly eyes, sparkles, etc) optional

 Prefer written instructions? Read on:
1.  Fold paper in half and then unfold. 
2.  Fold right side into middle.
3.  Fold left side to touch the other side.
4.  Fold in half.
5.  Fold top flap in half.
6.  Do the same to bottom flap – this creates a paper “M”.
7.  Insert index and middle fingers in the top pocket and your thumb in the bottom pocket that was created.  This is how you make the puppet talk.
8.  Decorate as desired and have lots, and lots of puppet shows!
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