After creating the Olivia Taylor and Alexis Paige Printable Paper Dolls it was decided that we definitely needed a boy version added to our collection. Today I’m happy to introduce you to Mason Thomas, a boy Printable Paper Doll! The fun loving, athletic boy and his faithful canine companion, Mushu Ty.

Mason Thomas Printable Boy Paper Doll SetThis paper doll set comes with the boy doll, two outfits that can be interchanged, a baseball cap, an adorable little pup and a bone that Mason can give to his best friend. He gets along great with Olivia Paper Doll – they actually have turned into great friends and like to play together often!

Printable Paper Dolls SetDownload the pdf file from the bottom of this post and save it to your computer. Open it and print the file onto a nice thick cardstock. Cut out the doll, dog and accessories taking care not to cut off the tabs.

Mason Thomas Printable Boy Paper Doll SetThat’s it! Assemble your dolls onto their stands and start playing! If you’re child gets frustrated with the pants sliding down, add a small piece of washi tape to the back of the tabs! It keeps them in place but doesn’t rip the paper when you’re ready to change outfits.


Mason Thomas Printable Paper Doll SetDownload the Mason Thomas Printable Paper Doll Set in pdf format.

Personal use only. Do not alter.