Every year I help my friend Krista throw her daughter Everleigh’s birthday party. We have so much fun planning the party, bouncing ideas off each other, and shopping for the party together. This year Everleigh asked for a Peanuts Birthday Party and I think we delivered the perfect party! She sure seemed to think so when she walked in.

Peanuts Themed Birthday PartyThe venue is not the prettiest of places – it’s a local VFW, do wood panel walls, pictures of old men all over, white linoleum floors, but we create a fun place for the kids and that is what counts. I stuck with my tried and true party table method – I go all out for directions for one main table and then scatter items throughout the rest of the space. People walk in and oooo and ahhhh over the amazing set-up, and it really becomes the focal point of the party. If you look through all of the parties I’ve posted over the years, you’ll see the same formula for each.

Snoopy Themed Birthday PartyThis year we decided on a yellow and black color scheme with pops of red. The main table was decorated with a yellow table cloth, a black cloth down the middle, white and black polka dot fabric covered the back wall and then I used plastic table clothes to create curtains to hide the edges of the fabric. We used 3M Command Strips to hang the fabric and duct tape kept the table clothes in place.

The handmade tissue paper flowers were actually suppose to hang from the ceiling above the left side of the table, but the ceilings were way too high and we didn’t have a ladder. I decided to adhere them to the fabric backdrop with duct tape, and it worked perfectly. I finished off the table with a handmade banner – I found an image of Snoopy on his house and printed it off multiple times, cut it out and taped it to some ribbon. Easy peasy!

Peanuts Themed Birthday PartySome fun elements Krista and I came up with for the table is the obvious Psychiatric Booth – this is super simple to make! We purchased a large crate from Walmart and 2 1″ diameter dowels. Krista’s dad drilled holes into the bottom of the crate, stuck in the dowels and then nailed a rectangle piece of wood to the top. He also added in a small hook and piece of wood. Krista wrote on everything with Sharpie. We were planning on using it for the cake but decided we liked the goodie bags on it better!

Peanuts Themed Birthday PartySpeaking of goodie bags, those were super easy too! We simply cut out the pieces from black cardstock, glued the in place with a glue stick, and for Snoopy I added white highlights with a white gel pen.

Snoopy Party Snack IdeasI also painted clay pots to resemble Peppermint Patty and Linus. The PP pot was filled with Peppermint Patties of course and the Linus pot was filled with chocolate football pretzel rods. Krista picked up a dog bowl and we filled it with Cocoa Puffs and Scooby Snack Graham crackers – the dog food was a big hit with the kids!

Peanuts Themed Birthday PartyThe amazing cake was made by Krista’s coworker, along with the adorable character cupcakes – it was made with all buttercream, so no yucky tasting fondant to eat around!

DIY Charlie Brown Themed Sugar CookiesPumpkin Patch Trifle for Peanuts Themed Birthday PartyFor treats Krista made Charlie Brown Shirt, Football and Woodstock cookies. She also made a pumpkin patch trifle, along with a fruit and veggie platters and cheese, crackers and pepperoni.

DIY Snoopy Dog HouseFor the gift table I added some more of the tissue flowers and painted a birdhouse from Walmart to resemble Snoopy’s Dog House. Everleigh’s stuffed Snoopy went on top.

The goodie bags had some fun items for the kids to play with, including punch balloons, mini footballs, bouncy balls, etc. Plus we had a Football shaped pinata, which turned out to be a huge hit!

Happy Birthday Everleigh!