My mom recently introduced my daughter, Olivia, to paper dolls and she fell instantly in love. This really doesn’t surprise me since my Memere and my Mother have a huge love for paper dolls, which they passed down to me as well. I decided that since I have the computer skills necessary, I would create a printable paper doll fashioned after Olivia to add to her growing collection.

Olivia Taylor - Printable Paper DollThis little brown haired beauty comes with a couple of pairs of pants, shirts and two dresses. She also has a hair bow to finish off her fancy dress ensemble.

Olivia Taylor - Printable Paper Doll

I’ve made this set available as a free printable at the bottom of this post. Simply download and save the file to your computer. Print the doll onto 8.5×11 cardstock. Cut out the doll and each article of clothing, making sure to not cut off the tabs! Once the clothes are cut out, fold the tabs and dress your doll.

Olivia also has a huge love of baby dolls, so after I fashioned her into a paper doll, the real Olivia requested a baby doll to go with her flat version. I’ll be sharing the printable for the Alexis Paige Baby Doll Paper Doll later this week, so make sure to come back to download that set which includes a carriage, teddy bear, a girl outfit and a boy outfit (in case you want an Alex Page instead!).

Olivia Taylor - Printable Paper Doll

Download the Olivia Taylor Paper Doll Set in pdf format.

Personal use only. Do not alter.