Hello seven thirty three friends! For those of you that I haven’t met yet, I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries and I share kid’s crafts here at seven thirty three each month. Today I’m sharing a David Shannon Art Project!

Read & Create: David Shannon Art

I love David Shannon books especially his NO David stories. They are chalk full of good conversation starters…that boy is SO naughty you’re kiddos will laugh while they correct his behavior. The best part is at the end of each story no matter how naughty he is, he is loved and he knows it. I take the opportunity to tell my boys each time we read these how much I love them even when they make bad choices. (Don’t we all need to hear that even as grown-ups!?!)

David Shannon Art Kids Craft

To start you’ll need cut out 2 ears, 2 black circles for eyes, 2 small black circles for nostrils, 7 white teeth, rectangle for neck, black mouth, “body”, large circle for head, one piece of background paper, and a glue stick.

David Shannon Art Template

Here’s the templates. If you are doing this as a classroom project you could have a parent volunteer trace all the parts and either cut them out for the kids or have the kids cut out their own pieces. *I used a regular hole punch for the nostrils.

Now let’s get started…

David Shannon ArtGlue the body on the bottom of the paper.

David Shannon ArtNow it’s time to add the neck on the top of the body.

David Shannon ArtStack the head on the top of the neck.

David Shannon ArtGlue the ears on the sides of the head.

David Shannon ArtAdd the eyes on the head.

David Shannon ArtGlue the mouth. (Isn’t he cute!?!)

David Shannon ArtAdd a couple of nostrils, don’t worry we’ll finish the nose later!

David Shannon Art Kids Craft

Now it’s time for those terrible teeth! (David’s teeth really bring the naughty in his little personality.)

David Shannon Art Kids CraftAdd a little sprinkling of those little black rectangles to create his lovely stubbly locks.

David Shannon Art Kids CraftFinally, take a black marker and draw a rounded triangle around those nostrils! It’s SO fun seeing the personality & individuality of each of the David Shannon Art your kiddos will create! (Even if they are just placing the pieces together!)

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