I absolutely love ’em. How about you?
Here, check out some of my favs:

 Herringbone Ceiling by Vintage Revivals

Chevron Ceiling by PB&J Stories

Whimsical Ceiling by designer Emily Mughannam via MadeByGirl
Gorgeous, right? I think it just adds a little pizzazz to a room.
I love unique touches throughout a home.
However, patterned ceilings probably aren’t in my future, at least not in this home.

Our ceilings came with their very own pattern:

See it? I awake every morning to rainbows!
People always comment on them and wonder if we did them ourselves.
Nope. They came that way. Apparently it is the builders signature.
The same guy built the house my parents live in, the house I grew up in, and they have the same ceilings.
What is something you would LOVE to do, but don’t forsee making it work?
Is it something you CAN’T live without and will move mountains to have?
Although I love the painted ceiling look, I don’t think I’d redo my ceilings just so I could have one.
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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