I’m seriously on a roll! Earlier this week I shared a Preschool Letter Matching Game and an ABC Game that I created for my daughter. Today I’m going to share with you the 1-10 Number Matching Game I came up with. The basic concept is to match the Number Dog with his corresponding Number Bone. The dog with a 1 on his color matches up to the bone with 1 dot.
After I introduced this to my daughter, we played it 5 times straight. She loved making the dogs “eat” the bones, and each game she got quicker at recognizing the dot clusters that corresponded to a number. We really had a lot of fun with this.
Download the Number Matching Game.
Directions are included with the pdf, but I would love to hear how else you use these game pieces!Don’t miss my other Preschool Games:

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 I’m sharing yet another printable Valentine. This time a no-candy option:
Fun and Interactive Valentine Jokes such as:
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