For our Family Party this year I created a POP! Themed Gift Basket and I’m excited to share with you the contents!  The recipient was my Aunt, her husband and 11 year old step-daughter.

The original purchase that started the theme was a Babycakes Cake Pop maker.  I then found a Pop Art Jewelry Maker for the 11 year old.  And after discussing with my husband we picked up some Poptarts, Pop Rocks, Popcorn, Sour Pop Pacifier and some Pringles, which I added a “Once you POP, you just can’t STOP!” tag to.  I also picked up some beef jerky and created a tag that said “For the “POP” of the Family”.  He also got a case of beer that had a “Pop the Top” tag attached and of course I forgot to get a picture! {NOPE.  Not stretching the Pop theme one bit!}.
I also made a Terra Cotta Pot Gumball Machine.  I didn’t use a tutorial for mine, but you can find them all over, just Google it!  I used a 5″ pot and a 5″ saucer.  I was super bummed because I finished this project and went to put in gum and then, very ironically, POP! A piece of the glass bowl shot out at me.  This happened right before I had to go to work.  I was determined not to let it ruin my day… but of course it ate at me and I continued trying to figure out my options.  I thought maybe I could get the Hubby to smash the bowl and get all the glass off the base… so I ran to a local craft store to find a bowl… and came up with NUTHIN’!  I went back to Michaels which is where I got the original bowl, but they only had the same one and obviously that one’s glass was too thin.  By this time I was ready to give up.  I had done all this running around at lunch time and came up empty handed.  When I left work for the day I stopped at Goodwill to drop off some donations and decided to run inside and HALLELUJAH!  They had THE PERFECT bowl.  It was the right size and was a nice thick glass.  When my husband got home from work he immediately went to work and managed to get the broken bowl off without damaging the pot.  I had to touch up the top and then glued on the new bowl and voila:

 I also created one of those cute Lollipop cards that were floating around blogland this past Valentine’s Day:

And of course I couldn’t forget about their two little pooches:

I made this cute little dog bone container out of a Crystal Lite Container (the contents of which went into the Lemonade Cup).  If you have a special little pooch in your life that you want to make this for go here to download the label.  I must say that this gift was actually one that really pleased my aunt and her family.  Their pups are their babies, so for me to have thought of them just really made them happy!  It was not expected for sure.

Lastly, I wrapped the bigger gifts in Bubblewrap:

{Yes, I know it is see through.  I was going for the “POP!” factor.}
And the very next day after the party my aunt posted a picture of her daughter and a cake pop, so I’m guessing they liked their gift!
Happy Creating! ~Kim