My 5th grader requested some coloring page binder covers that she could print off and decorate for her school binders. We sat down together at my computer and designed two options. She was 100% in charge of what went on them and I think they turned out pretty fun. Take a peek:

Printable Coloring Page Binder Covers

Cute, right? She wanted something that she could color and doodle on. We had a lot of fun designing these. She loved my Llama Clothespin Puppets and asked if we could combine her two favorite llamas into one and put it on one of the covers, so we did. And she absolutely loves elephants, so we had to throw one of those on as well!

Printable Coloring Page Binder Covers

Olivia loves mermaids, just like her older sister, so we decided to go ahead and make a mermaid cover as well. Now she has some cute covers for her school binders. I’ve already heard that her friends have made some requests! :p

I figured if her classmates want some, then your kiddos may as well, so I’ve made them available as free printable below!

Printable Coloring Page Binder Covers

Download the Mermaid Binder Cover in pdf format.

Download the Patterned Binder Cover in pdf format.

Personal use only. Do not alter.

Simply download the files to your computer, open in Adobe Reader and print onto regular paper. Grab some markers, colored pencils or gel pens and get to coloring. You’ll need a binder with a plastic cover to place these in.

Happy coloring!