It’s been a minute since I shared my last set of printable journaling cards, so I decided to whip up a new set! These loved themed journaling cards are all 4×4 and can be used in journals, as little surprise lunch notes, left on a bathroom mirror or any other creative way you can come up with!
Loved themed printable journaling cards

This collection of 6 loved themed printable journaling cards is bright and colorful for a fun lighthearted page. How do you journal? It’s been a bit since I have, which is another reason I created these, but when I was I would use composition notebooks and colored pens. These were easily added to any page with glue dots or a glue stick. But I know lots of people that use three ring binders and page protectors. The sky really is the limit! I love the creativity that goes into journaling, and of course it is a great way to capture all of life’s little moments. 

If you’re an experienced journaler (is that a word?) or just starting out, I hope you enjoy using these loved themed journaling cards! If you create an amazing page and want to share, you can do so via Facebook or Instagram! 

Download the Loved Themed Journaling Cards in pdf format

For personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the file to your computer and open in Adobe Reader. Print onto regular paper, glossy or card stock. Cut out each card and you’re ready to get journaling!