As many of you know, we are in the midst of building a house. We were doing really well until we found out our current home sold and we had to be out by July 16… and the new home won’t be ready until August 14 or sometime around that time. That has left our family of 5 homeless for a month. We set it up so that we would live in our 36′ Camper for the month, but it was stressing me out, since it would add 20 minutes to my already hour long commute each way. Plus, we would be LIVING in that small space for a month! On top of worrying about the logistics of that, we had already set-up a 7 weekend camping trip where we camped from the beginning of May until Mid-June. So every weekend we were gone and then the weekend after that we left for a 10 day North Carolina trip. And the weekend after that we were camping for 4th of July! And then that next weekend we had to move as much as possible out. And in there we had track, archery, an 8th grade graduation which came with class trips, dances, etc, an 8th birthday party, etc. As you can see we have been super busy and very stressed! (And yes, we brought it on ourselves, but in our defense, we scheduled the camping and NC trip last year before we knew we were building a house… that decision wasn’t made until February of this year!). My husband also has been super busy with work on top of everything else and has been working 12 hour days pretty regularly.

PHEW! Because of all that I decided to surprise him with a fun gift to help him relax during our trip South. I coined this gift the Stress Relief Kit!

Stress Relief Gift IdeaWhat does it entail? I headed to Walmart and found this 6 pack of personalized Coke bottles which was filled with the perfect personalized bottles – Dad, Soulmate, Hero! And because you can’t relieve stress without chocolates, I picked his favorite – REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups. I designed a Stress Relief Tag and attached that to one of the bottles with ribbon and wrote a little love note on the back. Lastly I threw in some paper straws so he can lay back on the beach and slowly sip his Coke.

I ended up giving him the whole gift on Father’s Day. It was our 2nd leg of the 850 mile journey to NC and I figured as soon as we got to our rented house he could grab a Coke, a REESE’S and hit the beach to start relieving all the stress.

Stress Relief Kit Gift IdeaLike how I slipped in one for Mom? I mean, come on! I need to relax too!

Want to really add a bang and your recipient is over 21? Grab some travel size bottles of rum and add them to the package for an added drop of relaxation!

I’m thinking this would be a great Back to School Gift for Teachers too. Want to really step it up a notch? Add in a gift certificate to a local spa. So many ways to customize this gift for any recipient, starting with the fun personalized packaging!

Download the Stress Relief Kit Gift Tag.

Personal use only. Do not alter.