Have you made corn syrup paint with your kiddos yet!?! It’s SO easy and dries super glossy giving their creations a whole new look!Corn Syrup Paint - Drys with a fun glossy finish@

Hello, seven thirty three friends! I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries back to share a fun kid’s craft with you… Cardboard Apples Painted With Corn Syrup Paint!

corn syrup painted cardboard apples kids craft supplies


  • light corn syrup
  • food coloring
  • cardboard
  • apple template
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • craft sticks
  • q-tips
  • small plastic cups
  • kraft paper or paper sack to protect crafting surface

Painting Cardboard Apples Kids Craft

Start by cutting out the cardboard apples. 

make your own corn syrup paint with two easy ingredients


Then pour corn syrup in each small plastic cup. 

add drops of food coloring to corn syrup to make glossy paint

Add drops of food coloring.

mixing corn syrup paint with a craft stick

Mix the paint with a craft stick.

green brown and red corn syrup paint

We mixed green, red, and brown corn syrup paint. 

Q-Tip painting with corn syrup and food coloring

You’re ready to paint! The corn syrup paint is thick and is best applied by dabbing.

painting cardboard apple stem and leaf with corn syrup paint

Dip the Q-Tip into the corn syrup paint and dab the paint onto the stem and the leaf. 

painting cardboard apples with red corn syrup paint

Start dabbing red paint to fill in the apple. 

painting cardboard apple with glossy corn syrup paint

Keep dabbing away until the apple is filled in. 

fun kids craft painting with corn syrup paint

Since the paint is so thick it takes a while to dry. It’s really tempting to touch the glossy surface but keep those little fingers away and they’ll be thrilled with the glass like surface when it’s completely dry. 

kids craft glossy painted cardboard apples

My boys are thrilled with the glossy finish of their Cardboard Apples! They can’t wait for our next corn syrup paint project! Don’t forget to check out our other kid’s crafts over at Dolen Diaries