A few Christmas’ ago my SIL gave my parents each a frame with six 4×6 slots that she filled with artwork from each of the grandchildren.  Every year we have each of our three kids create a new piece to replace the last years artwork.  My parents have come to expect it and love oooing and ahhhing over the hardwork the kids put into the creations.
This year is Olivia’s first year at really having the motor skills to do more than just scribbles so I decided to sit with her and work on a project she could be really proud of.  We decided on butterflies, so I grabbed some acrylic paint (because that’s all I had but Tempra paint would work better) and a piece of computer paper and we made these:

It is also a really great project to help children learn about primary colors and how mixing colors results in others.  My daughter really had a blast creating these!  And once we got started Mason decided he wanted to join in.

First, fold your paper in half and then unfold again.

Using three primary paint colors (you can use other colors or more than three, but I wanted to show her the mixing colors result in other colors without too much fuss) squeeze a few drops of each beside the crease of the paper.

Fold the paper and start to push the paint out from the crease.  Flip it over and do the same on the other side until you are satisfied all the globs have been spread.  If you use too much paint or work the paper too much it will start to rip so be gentle.

Open up the paper and find the butterflies that lay within!

{The little creatures on the bottom are the catepillars before they turned into butterflies.  The house is his Memere’s house with Christmas lights, hence the dots.  Love his creativity!}

After the paint is dry we look at our handy work and the kids trace the outlines of the butterflies they see.  You could do this with a Sharpie if you wanted to.  But I just cut them out freehand.  Use the butterflies to decorate other works of art.
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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