I’ve discovered a new love of polka dots recently… really, I adore them.
I have a beautiful polka dot shirt dress from Maurices, polka dot rain boots, and now… polka dot nails!
Super easy to do – paint your nails with a light color, grab a Sharpie and dot away!
TIP: Start with a line down the center of your nail, this helps you fill the nail evenly.

Let completely dry and cover with a clear top coat and you’re done.
TIP: Use a nice light hand when dabbing the dots. If you push too hard it will take FOREVER for the little “puddle” to dry. If you brush your clear coat on before the Sharpie is fully drive you will get a bit of running.

Seriously, how cute are these?
Or go black and use a metallic Sharpie to dot away.
TIP: I was able to do my right hand but I did smudge a dot or two so I enlisted the help of Cassidy and she was able to bust it out in under a minute. If you have an extra hand, ask them for help, it is much easier!
So what do you think? Will you be rocking some polka dot nails tomorrow?

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