Before I get to today’s project I want to share with you the newest Silhouette Promotion:

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Silhouette sent me the Heat Transfer Starter Kit to try, which made me super happy because I accidentally bought my son a shirt from Old Navy that said “Little Brother’s Bodyguard”… anyone else see a problem with this? Yea, he doesn’t HAVE a little brother! 

I THOUGHT it said Little Brother’s Bodyguard Service. Shoot. Everytime he wore that shirt around family they would laugh at me, so I HAD to correct the issue. This is the cool part about the heat transfer material, it is easy to customize a plain tee or even a printed tee like my son’s!

I simply typed SERVICE into Silhouette Studio and sent it to cut, using the smooth heat transfer {make sure to mirror the image so that it cuts backwards so that this will appear correctly when ironed on the shirt}.

I cut right below the word SERVICE to save the rest of the material for later and then I peeled up the excess, utilizing the cool little hook that came with the kit. This has become my favorite tool. I use to use my Xacto knife, but that had dangers associated with it (think slipping and cutting your finger, or digging to deep and cutting your mat). 

I used the transfer tape to position the word onto the t-shirt perfectly.

Follow the directions and iron onto the shirt. 
NOTE: Make sure you wash the shirt inside out.
Need more detailed instructions?
Check out the Heat Transfer Starter Kit 101 video from Silhouette:

Want to customize the heat transfer even more?
Check out the PRINTABLE heat transfer material and remember, it’s a BOGO even so use code “733”!
Happy Creating! ~Kim 
DISCLAIMER: I received free product in order to share with you ideas of what can be done with it. All opinions are 100% my own.
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