I made some DIY photo props for my son’s Police Birthday Party photo booth using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and my Cameo, though this CAN be done with a good ole pair of scissors (but this is soooo much easier – especially if you wanted to do multiples). Basically this will teach you how to take an image (think clipart) and turn it into a file that your machine can cut!

DIY Photo Props
First I searched for and found a free mustache image and downloaded it to my desktop:

Using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software, I imported the mustache image, traced it and outlined the edge. To learn more on how to do that, watch the video below:

This import/trace feature is one of the things that makes the Silhouette a cut above the rest (haha, yup, I just made that pun). As a designer I have many options, but even a normal, non-graphic designer can create some amazing stuff with free clipart from around the web!

Now that we’ve imported and traced the mustache image, the next step is to send it to the Silhouette machine to be cut out!

 Once done, glue them to lollipop sticks or bamboo skewers and have some fun with the kiddos.

There are so many options you can do with this – think lips, or round glasses, maybe a hat? Or multiple styles of mustaches. Who doesn’t love a good photo booth prop?!?

Remember, the Silhouette Studio software is free and it still has the import trace capability, but the Designer Edition has a ton more options. Want to know exactly what you’d be getting with this upgrade? Check out this video from Silhouette: