Is through a Fairy Wallet! 

My neice is turning 4 and the only thing she requested of me for her birthday was G.U.M. – GUM.  Even though I know she has an affinity for gum, I also know that she has one for money too (GOOD GIRL!).  As I was looking through a few weeks of What are little boys made of? Parties I saw this adorable Felt Monster change purse and thought… hmmm, how can I make that girly?  And it hit me, a Fairy!  Change up the face a bit, add wings on the back, and it’d be girly!  I wanted mine to have a pocket for gum, so I made mine more a wallet instead of a change purse and added a strap for easy carrying.  I think it turned out cute enough!
What do you think?  Such quick project (under 30 mins)! 
Happy Sewing.