We carved our pumpkin last night and finally gave the drill/beater trick a try and I am a convert! It cut the carving time in half. Plus we didn’t have any freezing hands (because I ALWAYS forget to bring the pumpkin inside to warm up).

I simply removed the bit from my husbands drill and inserted my blender beater. Once I cut the top of the pumpkin, I used the beater against the sides to remove all the gunk. You’ll have to put a nice bit of pressure on the drill, but make sure not to scrape so much that you punch right through the pumpkin! It took about 4-5 minutes to get all the gunk off the inside of the pumpkin. I then turned the whole thing over and emptied all of the seeds and as much of the gunk as I could, then we scooped out the remaining innards that were stuck to the bottom. Voila! Ready to begin the carving! We ended with a cute (and simple!) Owl pumpkin.
Easiest way to gut a pumpkin EVER!