We have a family joke in our house where we say “You’re Fine”. Olivia will say something like, “Ugghhh. My hair is all snarly!” and everyone will respond, “You’re fine. You’re FINE.” in a deadpan voice. Or Mason may say, “OUCH! I just stubbed my toe!” and we’ll do the same thing. It cracks us up each time. And when we say “You’re Fine”, we inplying F.I.N.E as an acronym for Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional. We use it on the dogs too. Luna will look at us with her big ole doppy Golden Doodle long-lashed eyes and we’ll just say, “You’re FINE.” And then give her hugs and kisses. LOL 

DIY Notepad

I thought it would be funny to make a notepad with “You’re F.I.N.E” with the definition and gift it to Todd in his stocking. I designed the file in Adobe Illustrator, printed out 10 copies, cut the sheets down to size and then used Elmer’s Glue and binder clips to create the notepad. For more detailed instructions, see my DIY Notepad Tutorial!

DIY Notepad

If you know someone that would find this notepad funny, I’m sharing the file so you can make them one! Or maybe you just want it for yourself, that’s cool too!

Download the “You’re Fine” Notepad pages in pdf format.

Save the file to your computer, open in Adobe Reader and print out as many as you want!