Packing school lunches can be made fun and easy with a little organization and inspiration. Hi everyone, it’s Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs again.  Today I am sharing a quick Star Wars Bento style lunch that is sure to be a hit with most little boys {and big boys for that matter}.
Star Wars Bento Box
My twin boys just started Kindergarten last month and I have been having a great time creating interesting lunches for them.  Bento style lunches don’t take any more time than a traditional lunch.  Seriously.  With just a little organization and some fun bento supplies you are set to go.  One of the biggest benefits to bento style lunch boxes is that there is very little waste and most of the packaging is reusable.  The school that my kids go to has some strict rules around lunches {no pre packaged foods, no peanut products and no sugary treats for example} so cutting up fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and cheese is almost a necessity.  I like to offer alternatives to sandwiches too.Star Wars Bento Lunch Idea

So what did the boys have in their lunch kits on this day?

Diced ham, diced cheese, cut up pickles, breton mini crackers, blueberries, apples {cut and dipped in lemon water to prevent browning}, a cheese bun {homemade and kept in the freezer until ready to pack}, a mini banana muffin and golden bear cookies {a treat in a package ~ so I cheated a little LOL}.  I included a fun Star Wars ring and Light Saber skewer that can be found at Bento USA in their bento boxes that we purchased at Target.  Our reusable silicone cups can be found at Wholeport.
Do you bento?
If not I hope that I have inspired you to give it a try. 
Have fun with school lunches!
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Thanks for having me visit Kim!

xo Heather
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