Today I am sharing with you a Teacher Gift that has been inspired by the letter F and that I shared last week over on The Ribbon Retreat.

Simple DIY Gift Box

F is for Flowers and Feathers!

My kids go back to school in late August, so I’ve already been working on what to get their teachers. I decided on something simple and that I KNOW they need – a bookstore gift card.  I feel like this way they can either choose to spend it on themselves OR they can put it toward the classroom. I always try to give a useful gift to my children’s teachers. In the past I’ve done personalized notepads, fry boxes filled with goodies,  and a coffee cup filled with goodies. I still want to put my personal stamp on whatever we give to my children’s teacher to show that we appreciate all of their hard work – I just want it to be something that the teacher can put to use.

Flower Decorated DIY Gift Box

Of course I can’t just hand them a gift card in an envelope. That’s SO not happening! Instead I made an adorable gift box for the gift card, decorated it with washi tape and a flower and attached a cute little tag. It’s cute and it’s useful!

Teacher Gift IdeaSupplies (All available through The Ribbon Retreat):

Washi Tape or Ribbon

Fabric Flower

Marabou Feather Poufs

Thank You for Helping Me Grow Gift Tag from seven thirty three

I used my Silhouette CAMEO to make the box. Don’t have a CAMEO? You could either buy a small gift box, or print off my Petal Gift Card Holder Template and apply the same concept to that.

Place some tissue paper into the box and put the card inside.

DIY Gift Box

Now grab some washi tape or ribbon and wrap it around the top lid of your box like in the picture above.

Feather Pouf Marabou Feather Pouf

Next, adhere a feather pouf to the top of the box with either glue dots or hot glue..

Fabric Flower

Trim the netting from the back of the fabric flower. Flower Decorated Gift Box

Adhere the flower to the top of the feather.

Thanks for helping me grow Gift Tag


Download the “Thank you for helping me grow” Gift Tag. 

Print the tags onto 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock. Choose which color tag you want and cut it out along the gray line. Use a small dab of hot glue and adhere it to the box underneath the feather.

Teacher Appreciation Gift IdeaThat’s it! Add a gift card and you have a super simple, super cute AND super useful teacher appreciation gift!

I also added some custom Book Plates in addition to the gift card, which I thought elementary teachers would appreciate! You can download those for free as well!

Update: I’ve been receiving some lovely emails from readers that have used my tags for Flower Gifts and I just had to share this image that The Paper Porch shared with me on Instagram:

Teacher Plant Gift Idea with Free Printable TagDoesn’t it look gorgeous?!?I ended up doing this for end of year gifts and I LOVE how they turned out. Only takes about a half hour and two thin coats of Chalky Finish Paint.

Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint Mason Jar Succulent Planter

Tell me, how have you used these tags? Feel free to share pictures with my via email, Facebook or Instagram! I LOVE to see your creativity – it always makes me smile.