The governor of Vermont gave the order that schools are to sustain remote learning for the remainder of the school year due to COVID-19. My Facebook feed is full of shocked and stressed parents. And I know that teachers are upset as well. They love our children and they love what they do. This is a hard time for everyone right now, so I decided to help spread some love – through snail mail. Who doesn’t love getting a surprise, handwritten letter in their mailbox? It’s become such a novelty in our technology driven world. I chose to make some printable postcards for teachers that also double as a relaxing coloring activity. We all know that coloring can be a stress reliever, and who doesn’t want a little of that right now?

I created 4 different postcards for teachers, so there is something for everybody. Simply download the printable file at the bottom of this post and save it to your computer. Open it in Adobe Reader and print it onto postcard paper – I used Avery White Matte Postcard stock – or 8.5×11 cardstock.

Once printed, cut the paper in half and then cut each half in half. You now have 4 postcards for teachers. Hand them off to your child to color with markers, watercolor paints, crayons or colored pencils. Once they have customized the front, write a small note on the left hand side of the back of the card. Add the teachers address to the right side, stamp and send off in the mail! 

Brighten a teachers day and make your kids feel good all in one fell swoop.

Has your school been shut down for the rest of the year? How are you handling the situation? How about your kids? We’re all in this together! Be supportive of one another and remember – this is a novel situation. Many of us are working from home, while trying to double as our children’s homeschool teacher. Be patient. Take breaks. Give your kids breaks. We will all make it through this and be the stronger for it!

This free printable is provided by Inspiration Made Simple. It is for personal use only. Do not alter.