Hi seven thirty three readers! I am Kimbo and I blog over at A Girl and a Glue Gun. I think keeping your kids busy and having fun is important….and reallllly easy. AND CHEAP! All you need is some plastic cups!!!! Let’s look at 18 fun things to do with plastic cups, shall we?
18 fun things to do with plastic cups - keep kids entertained for hours!


MOVIN’ ON UPMovin- On Up Cup Game

Fun cup race game for childrenMovin' On Up Cup Race Game - Fun for families!

You need a pile of cups…and one of a different color. Everyone starts with the cup on the bottom…and they race to get their cup to the top by taking the top cup off and moving it to the bottom. ONE AT A TIME!  Water Race Cup Game

WATER RACEWater Race Cup Game

You need a ladle for each team, a bucket (or swimming pool) of water, ping pong balls and a cup for each team. Each team has to ladle in water–and the first one to get the ping pong ball out of the cup wins! You can make it so they have to go from one side to another with the ladle for an added element!

PASS THE WATERPass the Water Summer Cup Game

This is one of our favorites! The person in the front as water in their cup. They have to pass it behind them. The team with the post water wins!

 And somewhat similiar:Pass the Water Cup Game


STRAW BLOWING GAMEStraw Blowing Cup Game

Straw Blowing Cup Game 

Using a straw, see how far you can move your cup with one blow…Or make a bulls eye on the table and try to blow it onto the center!


WATER CUP RACESWater Cup RacesWater Cup Races

This one is super fun! Add cups to a string and using a squirt gun see who can get their cups to the other side the fastest!


Circle Art with Plastic Cups

Using a cup as a stencil…draw a bunch of circles and color them in!Circle Art with Cups


 UP and DOWN

Up and Down Cup Game

This game is a blast and can be played with tons of people! You take a pile of cups and spread them around the room (or yard) One team is up. One team is down. When you yell go, everyone who is up is trying to run around and place the cups up. Whoever is down is running around and placing the cups down! When you yell stop–Whoever has the most wins!


 MAKE AN ANEMOMETER Make a cup anemometer

A fun LEARNING activity to test wind speed!


Ping Pong Toss

This is the one that we had a “tournament” in. We had 6 cups…and 6 ping pong balls (found at the dollar store!) The rules were that the ping pong had to hit the table first..it was easy and hard all at the same time! The highest was 4 out of 6! We placed the cups far away…and close…and even had someone hold it and try to catch it! Lots of fun ways to play!

THIS BLOWSThis Blows Balloon Game

I’m pretty sure this is a Minute to Win it game…but using a balloon to move cups. You can draw a line that the cups have to pass or use painter’s tape!


Cup Marshmallow Shooters

A fun little game! My kids would love these!

TOWER OF TERRORTower of Terror Cup Game

Fun Game to Play with Kids

For this you need card stock –I cut two sheets in half–or you could use index cards. Stack like in the above picture. Starting at the top paper, Yank out as fast as you can to make the cup fall down on top of the next cup. Continue until you get to the bottom!Plastic Cup Game

This was one of our favorites to play!

CHICKEN IN A CUPChicken in a Cup Noise Maker

A funny noisemaker any kid will sure to love!


Collapse and Stack Cup Game

Rules are pretty easy…First one to collapse their tower…and then stack it all back up wins!Collapse and Stack Cup Game


SHOOTING PRACTICESwinging Nerf Gun Targets

Make some fun targets…or stack them up like a castle and let your kids shoot nerf guns at them!

FLIP ITFlip It Cup Game


Take some cups and make them so they overhang the table. You have to flip the cups so they land upright! It’s pretty tricky and takes a bit of practice!

TALLEST TOWERTallest Tower Cup Game

See who can build the tallest tower–each person has their own strategy! And when you are done…let the kids just BUILD with them!

Building with Plastic CupsYou can go HERE to see more fun kids crafts!

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