I very rarely buy cards. Typically I make them or I give the kids materials and have them make something. I needed a card for my dad’s birthday and came up with this “Happy Birthday Grandpa!” card that the kids could color. Dad loves everything that his grand kid’s create – 100% makes him burst out in the biggest grin. That is how I came up with the Printable Coloring Birthday Cards. 

Coloring the birthday cards wasn’t as time consuming for the kids as when they have to brainstorm and create a design from scratch, but it still let’s them get creative. No two cards will be alike!

We also got my dad an Amazon gift card, so on the inside I put “Thanks for being so amazon”. Get it? Amazing = Amazon? And since I’m sure there are people out there that could put this card to use, I’ve made it available as a free printable – one for dad’s and one for grandpa’s!


Printable Birthday Cards for Grandpa


Printable Birthday Cards for Dad

The Amazon card is double-sided. The Coloring Birthday Card is single sided and you can write your very own message on the inside.

All printables are for personal use only. Do not alter.

DIY Card Instructions

Download the birthday card of your choice and save it to your computer. Open in Adobe Reader. Print onto cardstock. Fold in half. Color with colored pencils, crayons or use watercolor paints. Gift to your favorite dad or grandpa!