I’ve been brainstorming some Valentine ideas for my kids school and daycare and I had a lot of fun creating this “Bee” Mine Valintine.  I got the idea from the Butterfly Valentine that has been floating {get it? hardy har har} around the internet for a while now.  From that I thought, this sure would look cute as a bee, so that’s what I did!
To make your own:
Download the Printable Bee Template in PDF format.
Personal use only. Do not alter.
Save the file to your computer and open in Adobe Reader.
Print off the double-sided (optional – second side is all blue) and cut out the bees.
Using an exacto knife, cut the slit marks.
Insert lollipop, starting in the back.
Add eyes and antennas* and give to your Valentine!
* I was out of black pipe cleaner so I used some wire and wood circles that I had.
Above shows how it would look if you used pipe cleaner – much easier and just as cute!
Plenty of space for your child to write the “to’s” and “from’s” and even a little note, if desired.
Won’t you “bee” mine?