I’ve been brainstorming some Valentine ideas for my kid’s school and daycare and I had a lot of fun creating this “Bee” Mine Valentine.  I got the idea from the Butterfly Valentine that has been floating {get it? hardy har har} around the internet for a while now.  From that, I thought, this sure would look cute as a bee, so that’s what I did!
Printable Bee Valentine for Lollipops

Printable Valentine

To make your own Lollipop Bee Valentine:
Download the Printable Bee Template in PDF format.
Personal use only. Do not alter.
Cardstock Hot Glue Pipe Cleaner Google Eyes Scissors Xacto Knife
Save the file to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader.
Print off the double-sided wings (optional – second side is all blue) onto cardstock.
Cut out the bee wings.
Using an Xacto knife, cut the slit marks.
Insert a lollipop, starting from the back.
Add google eyes and black pipe cleaner antennas and give this adorable treat to your Valentine!
I was out of black pipe cleaner so I used some wire and wood circles for the antenna. The above picture shows how the Bee Valentine would look if you used pipe cleaner – much easier and just as cute!
I left plenty of space for your child to write the “to’s” and “from’s” and even a little note, if desired. We chose to write it on the back, leaving the front of the wings blank except for the printed “Bee” Mine.

Won’t you “bee” mine?

I hope you enjoyed this simple printable Valentine! Do you make Valentines each year or are you more of a store-bought type? Either way, this is a fun and unique way for your kids to handout special treats to their friends and classmates this year!