This post brought to you by Gordon’s Window Decor

I realize that we are just barely into November, but have you been in stores lately? They are totally whipping out the Christmas decor, so I’m going to too! A local window treatment shop, Gordon’s Window Decor, reached out to me about a scrap fabric stash they have from cutting custom EcoSmart blinds and window treatments. Gordon’s knew that this scrap fabric had potential and thought that creative minds, teachers and children would enjoy thinking up fun ways to put this fabric to use and keep it out of the landfill. Recycle, reuse and re-purpose! I thought it would be a fun challenge and agreed to come up with a creative project idea with their scraps! And I think I came up with some sweet… If the reactions that I have received for these Accordion Fabric Angel Ornaments is any indication, it is definitely a winner! I can’t wait for Christmas time so that I can put them up in my tree and hang these angelic little ornaments. If you’re interested in receiving a stash of supplies from Gordon’s Window Decor, head on over to their Call for Creatives blog post to learn more.

DIY Accordion Fabric Angel Ornaments

Want to make one of these Accordion Fabric Angel Ornaments? I’m going to show you how!


Accordion Fabric
Hot Glue
Black Thin Marker
Ribbon or String
Cricut Explore (optional)

DIY Accordion Fabric Angel Ornaments

Follow along with the video below to see how I made this project. It is super easy and works up really quickly! 

DIY Accordion Fabric Angel OrnamentsWhat do you think? Cute, right? My daughter came home after I made these. I had them hanging on a window in the dining room and as she walks in I hear, “Awwwww! MOM! These are so precious!” Then her and my son raided the fabric stash and came up with their own fun creations! In fact, my son brought some of the scraps to school and apparently all of his classmates were totally jealous! You never know what is going to excite a kid, right?

If you reside in northern Vermont and are looking for the perfect window solutions, make sure to check out Gordon’s Window Decor in Williston! And while there, don’t forget to ask for a box of fabric scraps so that you can create one of these darling little Christmas ornaments, or come up with your own use!