Cassidy planned a pool party for her friends last Friday. It was fun to watch, even though she waited last minute to call and invite them… her head is in the clouds sometimes! But this was her gig, so I let her take the reins.

She planned it all out and went through the garage looking for items they could play with, things like badminton, hoola hoops, that sort of thing. One thing she really wanted but we didn’t have was a bean bag toss game. My brother has one and she played it camping and loved it. Of course she did all this Thursday night… and her party was Friday. So I jumped in and helped her DIY one out of foam board, fabric scraps and beans!
Using an Xacto knife I lightly scored across the foam board, 6″ from the top. Bending it down to form a “leg”. I then used white duct tape to reinforce it.
I then traced a bowl in the center of the board and did the same 2.5″ above it and 2.5″ below it.
I cut out the circles using my Xacto knife and colored the edges with marker.
I cut out 4″ square fabric pieces and created 6 little bean bags to throw into the holes.
The total cost for the game was $3! Using foam board and beans we had purchased from the Dollar Store, fabric scraps and a little duct tape we had on hand we made a pretty cool disposable game!

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