I’m going to SNAP! this year, a conference centered around creative blogs. I’m super excited, but of course, I want to go in style. That means not only dressing stylish, but branding the heck out of my blog so everyone and their mother knows where I’m from! First step? A personalized notebook! I looked into purchasing a custom cover notebook through different sites, but wasn’t impressed with the hefty price tags, and none had a decent sized one with lines, etc. So I did what any creative maven does, diy-ed up a storm!
How did I make my fabulous custom notebook, you ask? Simple! I measured the cover – from the black binding tape to the edge, and then from top to bottom. I created a document that size and designed the cover with my blog logo and info. (But think how cute this would look with your gorgeous kids smiling out at you!) I printed the cover onto a full sheet of label paper, trimmed it down to the cover dimensions and adhered it to the cover. I flipped the cover over and used my Xacto knife to get a nice tight cut along the edges. I did the same for the back cover and tied it all together with a piece of gold duct tape over the binding. Simple, custom, and exactly what I wanted.
What do you think? Would you give it a try?
There are lots of great ways to customize a notebook.
My Aunt uses plastic canvas to make notebook covers:
She made this for my daughter a couple of Christmases ago.
I also found this great tutorial for a fabric covered notebook from V & Co:
Or how about using Duct Tape like Dollar Store Crafts
Or even washi tape like The Creative Place
Lots of options!
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