Traveling with young children can be a challenge, especially on long flights. Keeping them occupied and happy can feel like a constant battle. This DIY Airplane Tray Cover is a creative solution to transform that tray table into a fun and engaging play space! We’re headed to Florida for a family vacation, and I’ve been scrambling to make sure I have enough things to keep my 20-month-old and 3-years-old entertained.

DIY Airplay Tray Activity Cover

After a bit of brainstorming, I ended up with this fun activity center that is perfect for busy toddlers who crave constant stimulation! The DIY Airplane Tray Cover provides a dedicated area for their favorite toys and activities, all within easy reach. Plus, it’s a great way to save space in your carry-on by utilizing the tray itself as part of the play zone.

DIY Airplane Tray Cover

After a quick Google Search I found that there’s no exact standard size for airplane tray tables, most do fall within the range of 16.5″ x 10.5″. For this project, I ended up going with 17″ x 11″ to ensure a comfortable width and enough length to fit over the tray arms.

Front of my Airplay Tray Cover for Kids:

Two Matchbox cars are parked in the garage pocket and can drive on the chalkboard fabric road.

DIY Airplane Tray Cover Activity for Kids

The middle door with pom-poms opens to reveal a felt cat and dog that can play with a felt fish and bone.

When you remove the dog and cat, they reveal pictures of our two furry family members that we had to leave at home (adhered to the fabric with Mod Podge)!  Lastly, there is a velcro closure pouch to hold a few smaller toys such as a Polly Pocket and a couple of Littlest Pet Shops.

Back of the Airplane Tray Cover:

I messed up on the back – but was halfway done when I realized it, so I just went with it.  The flaps were supposed to flip UP so that no velcro was necessary to hold them shut – and I still recommend you make it that way if you choose to make this!

Getting past my goof – flip the flaps down and a picture of each of our family members are revealed!  The pictures were printed on Xerox machines so the ink will not run if these get wet.  I glued the images to a thick cardstock and then added velcro to the back so that the images can be moved around for a fun game of hide ‘n seek!  I also added a velcro closure pouch to hold chalk.

I added tags along the edges for texture and ribbon on the top so that it can be secured to the tray.
UPDATE:  The tray was a success!  It was a tight fit though, so definitely go 17.5″ wide if  you make this.  I think the first flight stretched it out, because the second flight it definitely went on easier and fit properly, whereas in these photos it isn’t all the way on.
My daughter LOVED the little pom-poms.
My kiddos figured out a great use for the ribbon tabs: A way to hold the chalk while they weren’t using it (since the chalk pocket was on the other side of the cover).

With a little planning and creativity, you can transform a simple airplane tray into a fun and engaging play space for your little traveler. This DIY Airplane Tray Cover is a lifesaver for long flights, keeping your kids happy and occupied while you enjoy a more relaxed travel experience! I’ve even leant it out to friends with toddlers and they loved it as much as my children did!