{Aren’t those lamp shades gorgeous?  Click HERE to see what I made them out of.  Would you like to make your own frayed edge euro shams?  Click HERE for the tutorial.  And click HERE to see the new desk my hubby built for my room.}

A little back story to why I needed a beadboard headboard:  
I did not move in with my husband until we were married.  We started moving our stuff into a our new apartment about a week before the Wedding, but neither of us lived there.  Our new bedroom set had yet to arrive before the Wedding, so while we were on our Honeymoon our friends and family moved it in for us.  Unfortunately our queen boxspring could not fit up the stairs, so my brother and father had to cut the bottom in half so that they could fold it to make it fit.  They pieced it back together, but no matter what, it has always sunk towards the center.  After 7 years of marriage, we found we were stuck together in the middle of our bed!  So when our friends gave us their less-than-two-year old king size bed and mattress, my husband and I were ecstatic! 
My MIL had purchased our bedroom set for our wedding and the salesmen told her it converted to a king size bed, so we thought we were set.  Fast-forward to receiving the mattress and that was not the case! Turns out he should have said Cal-King.  But there was no way I was getting rid of this comfy-cozy king size bed, so we decided to store the headboard/footboard and go with a plain metal frame from Costco.
I started looking for some inexpensive headboard options.  Our old headboard matched our dressers, so I knew I had to do something that looked good with our current set, but also knew it would not be a matching set. As I searched I fell in love with a mantle above the bed look.  But when we tried to create one it was a total fail and neither of us were happy with it. I started talking to my hubby about how I would love to add beadboard to the alcove wall that our bed butts up to and he looked at me funny, but I kept persisting and once I actually started my bedroom makeover I convinced him that we were going to do it.

{As of last night my beautiful comforter is no more… my dog is sick and is on several medications that is causing him some issues… needless to say, he managed to urinate on my comforter.  At 11pm I threw said comforter into my XL front loading washer and it proceeded to shred it in several places.  I am so upset!  It is only a month old… running out at lunch to see if the store has another one.  Please cross your fingers (and toes) for me!  Today has been a bad day so far… I really need some good to happen! UPDATE: OK, so when I wrote this it was right after discovering the comforter in the washer with filling coming out of it.  I saw the one hole and ran away upset.  Now that I have gone back and looked closer, there is one ragged hole along the seam (on the top left side).  The hole was only on the fabric of the bedding that lays against the bed so I sewed it shut and when the bedding is on the bed you can’t even see it.  Not totally ruined!}

We decided to go horizontal with the stripes and I am so happy we did – it was less work AND looks amazing.  I love the style (and so does the hubbY) – it is so cozy, yet chic! 
We did the whole wall for under $100, including the molding and quarter-round.
My room is so relaxing – the bed is so comfortable!  I love piling up my pillows and relaxing against my “headboard” reading my iPad (or do I still say book…), watching TV or just snuggling with my kids.  This just screams ME and that is what makes it even more fabulous and homey!

Above is a close up of the coffee filter wreath I made to go over my newly re-finished mirror.  I used 7 coffee filters to create a flower and made 7 flowers for my wreath.  I bent a wire hanger into a circle, wrapped it in gray fabric and glued the flowers onto the frame.  Added a strip of gray fabric around the wreath and hot glued it to the back of the mirror.
{Gotta love mirror shots – HEY GORGEOUS CAMERA-FACE!}

I also refinished my sconces and night stands – all with Krylon white spray paint! 

{These were actually just cheapies I picked up at The Christmas Tree shop because we didn’t have anything before.  I didn’t like them before because they didn’t match the other furniture in the room, but now they look like they belong!}

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