Looking for an easy Mother or Father’s Day Gift that any parent would be  happy to receive? This isn’t any old pasta project! This Alphabet Pasta Picture Frame is a modern take that is chic and will look great on display!

Alphabets Pasta Picture FrameWhile at SNAP I made a picture frame make and take at the Minwax booth. Don’t you just love the color stain I chose?!? The weekend after SNAP while I was grocery shopping I spied Alphabets Pasta and ended up throwing it in my cart. I didn’t have any plans for it, but it just looked so cute I had to get it! Once I got home I of course started brainstorming ways I could use it. I thought of letting my daughter use it to spell out sight words or just giving it to the kids and seeing what they would think up (which I am still going to do!). But I did end up coming up with one fun idea that I wanted to try and the Alphabet Pasta Picture Frame was born.

Alphabets Pasta Picture Frame Kids CraftSupplies Needed:

Alphabets Pasta

Picture Frame


Acrylic Paint

I didn’t want to use the plain pasta on this beautiful pink frame, so I went ahead and colored the pasta with acrylic paint. I poured a dime size amount into a plastic bag and then put in the pasta letters that I needed. Squish them around until they are covered well and then slowly squeeze each one out of the bag so the excess paint gets left in the bag. Place them onto a piece of paper to dry.

Once the letters are dry, lay them out onto the frame.

Next, pour a small amount of glue onto a paper plate. Using tweezers, dab the glue onto the back of the letters (this makes it so you don’t have globs of glue that show behind the letters – though if that is easier for younger kids, go for it! It is handmade after all!). Carefully place the letters back into place. Use the clean end of the tweezers to push them into place. Once all letters are glued in place, set aside to dry.

Alphabets Pasta Picture Frame Kids CraftThat’s it! Easy, cute and custom.