I’ve been on an Altoids kick lately, which means I have a few tins kicking around.
My daughter and I were looking for something to do together this past Friday, so we made mini dolls out of a clothespins and had planned to make them a bed out of the Altoids tin… but she didn’t fit!
As my son was playing Legos we discovered the tin was a perfect place for Lego People storage, so he’s been using it that!

I decided to check out my favorite go to resource for crafts, Pinterest, to see what others have created out of Altoid tins. I found some pretty cool stuff! 

Since our doll didn’t fit, maybe I should make a couple of these freakin’ adorable rodents from mmmcrafts!

 The Crafting Chicks came up with a number of uses for an Altoids Tin at school, including using it to hold lunch money.

This pocket sized magnetic fishing set from Doodle Craft is the perfect way to keep a child quiet during dinner in a restaurant or in a waiting room!

Surprise Dad with the smallest ever toolbox from Alphamom! Perfect giftcard holder in my opinion!
Can you believe those were made from Altoids tins?

This Leather Suitcase by A Small Hearts Desire blew me away with its detail. It looks so realistic!

What a fun way to invite someone to a party!
Stop by The Creative Homemaker to see how she did it.

Display your business cards by upcycling an Altoids tin like adelynSTONE did.
Using the same idea, you could easily create a business card holder for your purse!

We use Tooth Fairy Pouches in this house, but I absolutely LOVE this Toothfairy Trade Tin by Pink Cat Studio. How fun to leave a tooth sitting in this for the Toothfairy to discover!

This Travel Tic Tac Toe game found at Two Peas in a Bucket is a perfect car ride time killer!
10 more great uses for Altoids tins: 
1. Sewing/Emroidery Kit from MAKE
2. Desk Accessories Holder from The 3 R’s
3. Succulent Garden from Free People
4. Pocket-size Watercolor Paints from Instructables
5. Travel Candle from Design Sponge
6. Magnetic Paper Dolls Tin from The Craft Nest
7. Coloring Kit from A Jennuine Life
8. Catapult from Instructables
9. Prayer Box from In Awe Cards on Etsy
10. Boo Boo Box from Running with Glitter
Happy Creating! ~Kim
Kim is a Marketing Director by day and Crafter/Blogger/Blog Designer by night. She lives with her husband, three beautiful children, and shih-tzu, Mushu. You can also visit her design site, seven thirty three – – creative blog design.  For even more seven thirty three fun, like her on Facebook or follow along via Twitter!