Blowing Raindrops
Hello seven thirty three readers! I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries and I’m thrilled to be joining Kim’s contributor team! The last Friday of every month I’ll be here at seven thirty three sharing a kid’s craft. I try to do something creative with my boys everyday and doing something EVERYDAY means that I like to keep it simple! It’s almost April (April Showers anyone?) and I live in an area known for it’s rain so what better than a rain craft!?! Blowing Rain Drops is a quick and easy kid’s craft that is perfect for those rainy spring days!

Start with a piece of white paper with one large raindrop drawn in Sharpie (if you use a water based marker it will run). 
*As you are drawing your raindrop(s) keep in mind that your kiddo will be cutting this out.
Squirt a little blob of blue tempera paint (kid’s craft paint) in the bottom of a glass and mix in some water. I made 3 different shades of blue paint water by mixing in white paint.
Place the paper in a box to keep the paper contained and the paint water from being blown all over the place.
To get the paint water onto your paper put the straw into the paint water and put your finger over the top of the straw. This will trap some of the paint water in the straw. Hold the straw over the paper and take your finger off the top of the straw. The paint water will dribble out onto the paper.
Using the straw blow the paint around the paper. My son was SO into this part! He experimented with his breath blowing super hard and soft but you know little boys…it became a contest of how hard he could blow. Thank goodness for that shoebox!
Once your little one has blown to their heart’s content, give their little lungs a break and let their raindrop dry.
After the paint is dry have your kiddo cut their raindrop out.  
*Remember to have your kiddo hold their scissors with their thumb on top and move the paper around as they cut not the scissors. This takes lots of practice!
Here’s my guy being a little shy with his finished raindrop! He wants to make one more!
Blowing Raindrops were a hit here and will be a repeat rainy day afternoon craft! I’d love to have you pop by Dolen Diaries to check out my other kid’s crafts & activites as well as my other projects
See you next month!
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