My dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. That is a very hard sentence to write. We’d been seeing a decline in his cognitive ability over the last 5 years and started really pushing for answers about 2 years ago. The diagnosis was not a relief, but at least we knew what we were dealing with. My sweet mother is in charge of his care and she recently asked me to create some cards that she could carry and hand to people that let’s them know why my dad may be acting confused, or repeating himself, or having trouble getting words out. This is the love of her life, husband of 40+ years and she wants him to age with dignity despite his prognosis. I happily obliged and created some printable Alzeimer’s Cards.

Printable Alzheimer's Cards

She requested that her set say “Please be patient, my sweet husband has Alzheimer’s.” I figured others are probably in the same predicament as my mom, so I created another set that says “Please be patient, the person I’m with has Alzheimer’s” and am sharing them with you as a free printable. Printable Caregiver Cards for Alzheimer's

Caregiver Cards for Alzheimer’s

Download the Caregiver Cards
Personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the Alzheimer’s Cards to your computer. Open the file in Adobe Reader and print onto cardstock.

These will also work with Avery Clean Edge Printable Business Cards 8871.

Once they are printed, cut them out and place in an Altoids tin or other safe container and keep them readily available when you are out and about.

Printable Alzheimer's Cards

This is not an easy disease to live with. Luckily, my father doesn’t have a lot of the anger issues that some patients get. He does need a lot of help and my mom is doing the brunt of it right now. My siblings and I are trying to assist as we can and we are working on getting assistance, although the pandemic has made that challenging. If you have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s, my heart goes out to you and know that you are not alone.