Have you ever made Thumbprint Reindeer? Each one is unique and looks absolutely adorable. During the holidays I love using thumbprint reindeer to make custom note cards, gift tags, and ornaments.

To make the thumbprint reindeer on the cards and gift tags, simply color yours or your child’s thumb with washable markers and immediately place the print onto the paper.
Draw in some antlers, a nose, and some eyes and you have a sweet little reindeer head!

For gift tags, I use round Avery labels. I place the thumbprint in the middle of the label so that there is room to add the recipient and gift-givers names.  I love using the round sticker labels for this purpose!

Lastly, each year we make Christmas ornaments as keepsakes. Back in 2013, we made Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments that we still have today, and I treasure them. They are actually attached to the children’s stockings. Want to make your own? Keep reading!
DIY Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments with Clay and Acrylic Paint


Sculpey Clay
Rolling Pin
Cookie Cutter
Acrylic Paint
Clear Coat
Paint Brush
Eye Hook
Roll your clay to about 1/4″ thick and use a circle cookie cutter or a cup to cut out your ornaments. Bake according to the directions on the box.
After the ornament is finished baking and cooled, it is time to decorate.
Dip the child’s thumb into brown acrylic paint and roll it onto the ornament – we found it best to start at the base of the thumbprint and roll towards the tip.
Using a small paintbrush add black eyes, light brown antlers, and a red nose with acrylic paint.
I also added the child’s name and the date along the bottom.
After the paint dries, spray the ornament with a coat of clear acrylic gloss.
When my children are older and married I will send these ornaments along to their home to hang on their trees!