My daughter loves baby dolls. She is always asking me to make them things. Thursday night my hubby had to work late and the two older kids were in Maine with their Grandparents so Olivia and I had the night to ourselves. I brought her out to dinner and we discussed what we wanted to do. It was raining so an indoor activity was a must. She had her baby, Tammy, with her and said, “How about we get Tammy and me matching dresses?” So that turned into a trip to Joann’s where we picked out fabric (her picks!) and we headed home to get busy.

I purchased one yard of the main fabric and one yard of the pink. It gave us three dresses that matched and one dress (not pictured) that was the opposite.
 I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and put out another pillowcase dress tutorial because there are already a ton of great ones out there. I make mine the same as a room somewhere does, so I recommend you check out her tutorial.

For Olivia’s dress I wanted more of a fitted bodice so I added a casing inside around the waist and used 1″ elastic. I also didn’t have any bias tape so I used the same ribbon for the arm casing that I used for the ties.
For the dolls dresses I used the same steps as my daughters dress except I changed up the measurements.
For the 16″ baby I used the following:
11″ H x 13″ W for the main portion
(I actually used 12.5″ but it was too long, so I would go between 10.5 – 11″)
4″ x 13″ for the bottom band
1″ in and 3.5″ down for the J armhole
For the 14″ baby:
8.5″H x 13″ W for the main portion
4″ x 13″ for the bottom band
1″ in and 3.5″ down for the J armhole
Do you have any doll fans in your house?
These dresses are so simple and take such a short time to make, easy to whip up a batch!