This past weekend I hosted a Camping Themed Baby Shower for my Sister-in-Law, who is pregnant with her second child.  I decided on a camping theme because a)it’s a boy and b)the mom and dad-to-be love to camp.  It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast.  

Below are the details:
I created the invitation and had them printed at Costco.

I borrowed my aunts chocolate fountain which is oh, so delicious! We had marshmallows and graham crackers so that we could make s’mores. I alsohad strawberries, pineapple and bananas to dip. I made the hello baby! banner and the kids and I made the birdhouses which we got from JoAnn for $1 each.  I got the idea to make the terra cotta pots cupcake stand from A Girl and a Glue Gun
I added labels to the water bottles which matched the invitations I made.
These were my daughters Littlest Pet Shop birds.  They were on the counter and when I turned around someone put them like this on the plates… still not sure who but I thought it was so sweet!
Special places for the guests of honor, Mom and the soon-to-be BIG SIS!
This is the outside food table.  It also had the envelopes that I put together that held a celebrity baby name game sheet, a paper diaper game, a thank you card envelope and a pen, more details on the contents below.
What is a paper diaper game you ask? Cut a bunch of foldable diaper shapes out of paper.  In one diaper you add a spot of brown for, well, you get the drift.  The person who finds the messy diaper wins a prize.  It was fun to hear the winner yell “YES! I HAVE THE POO!”.
I added the thank you card envelopes to the package as a way to draw a grand prize winner.  Each person wrote their name and address and then I collected the envelopes and we drew a winner.
 I made a bunch of woodland creatures masks for the kiddos, because what is camping without a bit of wildlife?Free Printable
 As I was driving home from work one day I was brainstorming what I could do for little favors for the guests.  I was thinking up sayings to do with pregnancy and kept coming back to the #1 question asked of pregnant women, “So when are you going to pop?” (when are you due, etc).  As I was thinking about this I thought, LOLLIPOPS!  And the idea was born.  I think they turned out cute and had lots of comments on the funny tag. Feel free to download the tags for your own personal use –

Download the “Look who’s ready to POP!” Lollipop Tag in boy colors.

Download the “Look who’s ready to POP!” Lollipop Tag in girl colors.

Here is the mom-to-be showing off the pillow I made for her little man. I also made this sash for the big sis using a freezer paper stencil.