Forget the grocery store aisles overflowing with pink and red heart-shaped everything. This Valentine’s Day, skip the sugary overload and pack your little lovebirds a lunchbox that’s both adorable and nutritious. With this printable Valentine’s Lunch Kit, you can whip up a feast for their eyes and tummies that’ll have them skipping through the school day with a smile.

Surprise your little one this Valentine's Day with this Free Printable Lunch Kit!This Valentine Lunch Kit has everything you need to surprise your little one this Valentine’s Day! Seriously, who wouldn’t love opening their lunch box to a party? valentine-lunch-kit-printable

Valentine Lunch Kit Includes:

  • Love Banner
  • “Be Mine” Straw tag
  • Heart Shaped Lunch Joke Card
  • It’s O’ “fish” al, You’re awesome” bag topper. 

Now that you have the printables, lets talk about how else you can make the lunch festive!

Heart-Shaped Everything! It’s the simplest way to add a touch of Valentine’s cheer. Use cookie cutters to transform sandwiches, fruit slices, cheese, and even pancakes into heart shapes.

Turn this special lunchtime into a mini party with colorful dips and dunkables. Whip up a batch of pink hummus or yogurt dip, and serve with carrot sticks, cucumber slices, and pretzel hearts.

Skip the store-bought cookies and candy and opt for healthier alternatives. Bake heart-shaped muffins or rice cakes, decorate them with yogurt and sprinkles, or pack some fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream for a guilt-free indulgence.

With a little love and effort, you can create a Valentine’s Day lunch kit that’s both delicious and delightful. So ditch the sugary store-bought stuff and show your kids you care with a homemade feast they’ll never forget!

And who says it has to be just for kids?! Have a little fun and surprise your significant other with this too!

Download the Valentine Lunch Kit

Personal use only. Do not alter.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, open it in Adobe Reader and print. I prefer to print onto cardstock, but any paper will do. Cut out each item.

For the banner, simply fold each diamond in half and then attach each piece with tape or glue to some baker’s twine.

Valentine Lunch Jokes - Free PrintableI also whipped up a few Valentine Lunch Jokes, which would be fun to put inside your child’s lunch all week long!