Robert Munsch Book Activity
Hello seven thirty three friends! It’s Shelly from Dolen Diaries back to share another kid craft! I taught Kindergarten for 10 years before staying home after the arrival of our 3rd son. As you can imagine we have quite the collection of children’s books around here! My boys love to be read to and the kindergarten teacher in me loves coming up with an activities to go with our favorite stories. 

This month I introduced Ash (my 6 yr old) to the author Robert Munsch. Robert Munsch is very well known for his tear jerking Love You Forever, but most of his stories believe it or not are actually funny! I mean really funny! Robert Munsch’s Smelly Socks is a perfect boy book! Especially, a boy who has a sock collection like Ash. He has Angry Birds, zombies, bright stripes, checkered and they NEVER match. He’s my little male version of Punky Brewster.
In the story Smelly Socks, Tina goes to great lengths to find the perfect pair of socks. In fact, she loves them SO much that she never wants to take them off. So I challenged my little sock lover to create a pair that he wouldn’t ever want to take off. Here’s how we did it!
Take a piece of white construction paper and fold it in 1/2. Draw a sock shape in black sharpie (you’ll want to be able to see it through the back of the paper)
Paint away filling the sock outline.
Once the design is complete, press the folded paper together to create a matching pair of socks.
Let the paint dry & cut out your socks! *A little tip…fold your paper in 1/2 again and flip the paper over until you see the sharpie line that bled through. Cut on that line and you’ll have the perfect matching socks!
I hope your kiddos love Robert Munsch’s Smelly Socks as much as mine did! If you have a favorite children’s book and/or author I’d love to hear about it!
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See you next month!
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