When I go to the gym I prefer to not wear my rings – they bug me when I am lifting weights.Each time I go, I take my rings off and put them in my jewelry box, which is on my dresser. The problem with that is they are out of site and out of mind. I forget to put them back on and then it takes me a day or two to remember! I’ve been wanting a ring dish that I could leave on my bathroom counter, but I haven’t been able to find one anywhere. Since I wasn’t finding one, I decided to make my own.

I learned a few things while making mine so I decided to share how I did it:
Put down Wax Paper on your work surface – you’ll see I used aluminum foil in the pictures because I was out of wax paper. I used Premo! Sculpey Clay – one 1 oz bar in white.
Condition the clay according to the directions on the package – rolling into a snake, a ball, etc. 
Really work the clay until it is warm and easy to manipulate.
Place the two pieces of cardboard on either side and begin rolling out the clay.
The cardboard helps keep the thickness of the piece uniform.
I just rolled it one way then turned the piece and rolled it again, on and on, until I had a nice large circle. If you aren’t getting a circle shape, you can always cut a circle once you have it nice and rolled out.

I then rolled out 1/4 a bar of gold clay and cut out a heart shape.

Place the heart shape on the ring dish and gently roll it into place – bottom of the heart to the top and then side to side.

I used a stamp roller along the edges, just to give it a bit of visual interest.

To bake, I placed the clay on a bowl that is turned upside down – your really don’t want to use this bowl again after using it with clay, so a paper bowl would work well.

My bowl was a little too big for my piece of clay, so I didn’t get as big of a lip as I wanted, but the dish still turned out cute and works for my needs.

Place the bowl on a disposable aluminum dish and bake according to the directions on the clay – mine went in for 45 minutes at 275 degrees.

Let cool and you’re done!

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