We all love finding inspiration on Pinterest, and that is exactly where I was inspired to create my newest project: A delicious Candy Bar Bouquet!
Through Pinterest I this Father’s Day Bouquet that used boxes of candy for a vase, but in my mind, a flower pot sounded much easier and I thought I could customize it a bit more this way.  I also chose to dress my candy bar’s  up a bit for a more festive feel.
Want to make your own? Let’s get started!


Flower pot
8 Candy Bars
Patterned Papers
Confetti Paper
Ribbon Bow
Paper Cutter
Hot Glue Gun

I found all of my supplies (minus the glue gun, scissors and paper cutter) at the Dollar Store and spent a total of just $8.

Take your styrofoam and place it into the flower pot.  I found a round piece at the Dollar Store and it was a little too big to fit inside the pot.  I smushed (that’s a word!) it and rolled it around with firm pressure until it fit inside the pot just below the lip.

Next, you want to get your candy bars prepared.  Using your glue gun, add some glue to the top 3-4″ of a skewer.  Stick the skewer to the back of one of the candy bars.
Next, measure the candy bar to figure out the size that you need to make the paper wrapper and use your paper cutter or scissors to cut it.
Add a line of glue along the edge and glue it to the back of the candy bar.  Fold the other side over, find where you want it to end and trim the excess paper.  Add another line of glue and firmly press it down, creating a sleeve for the candy bar.  Repeat this process for the next seven bars. {Note – I cut some of my skewers to give the candy bars different heights.  I had to cut them because the skewers were long and actually touched the bottom of the pot.}
Stick your skewers straight into the styrofoam.  Make sure to put them in deep enough so that they are secure.  The skewers that I didn’t cut went all the way to the bottom of the pot.  Arrange in a pleasing way.

This step is optional: I took scrapbook embellishments and added them to my candy bar “flowers”.

Add confetti paper to the pot, making sure to cover the styrofoam completely.  I also added a line of glue along the lip of the pot and adhered the paper every so often to keep it in place.  Lastly place a ribbon bow on the front.

And the back:

Are you wondering who this yummy gift is for?  My kids daycare helper is leaving back to college this week and we decided we needed to send her away with delicious thank you!

My last step was to add a little tag to let her know that she will be missed.  The kids all signed the back of the tag.

Easy to make Dollar Store Gift Idea for under $10!