Earlier this week I shared with you the costumes that my kids are wearing for Halloween this year, including my daughters Zombie Girl Halloween Costume. I promised that I would share how I did her makeup in about 3 minutes using supplies you probably already have in your house. Olivia was all about starring in one of my videos, so her and I put together this Simple Zombie Makeup tutorial for you to follow along! Enjoy.

Zombie Girl Halloween Costume and Make-Up

And in case you prefer the directions in writing:


Baby Powder
Black/Gray Eye Shadow
Makeup Brushes
Hair Spray
Black Lipstick

Using a large powder brush and baby powder apply liberally to the entire face, ensuring that eyes and mouth are closed. Using black/gray eye shadow and an eye shadow brush, create hallowed eyes and cheeks. Also apply some at the temples and along the edge of the nose. Finish the face with black lipstick for the lips. Spray some makeup setter or a bit of hairspray over the face to keep the makeup in place.  Tease the hair a bit to get a nice rat nest to complete the Zombie Girl look, spraying with hairspray for lasting hold. I also used powder and eye shadow on her hands to add to the Zombie effect. Olivia couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror once we were finished (and let’s be honest, as we were filming the tutorial!).

Zombie Girl Halloween Costume

This is a very simple tutorial that most anyone can accomplish. It looks great without being hard to manage, or messy, or too scary/ugly. It was exactly the look we were going for. For easy clean up I just use my makeup remover cloths and then a damp towel.

Zombie Girl Halloween Costume

Have you ever been a Zombie for Halloween? I’d love to see your pictures! Share them over on the Inspiration Made Simple Facebook Page.