Christmas in July, why not? Get a head start on your Christmas crafts so you can enjoy the holidays when they arrive. I am Niki from 365 Days of Crafts and we have a little bit of everything crafty on our site so stop by when the creative bug bites and get inspired. We like to repurpose items and upcycle them into fun and useful new items. Our Christmas Tree book craft incorporates a well loved paperback book that was missing a few pages. The last ten pages to be exact and if you are anything like me you would go crazy if you made it to the very end and did not get to know the ending.Christmas Tree Book Craft


Materials to make a Christmas Tree book craft:

  • paperback book 100-150 pages is ideal
  • foam ball
  • Jute cording
  • Adtech Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • glass candle stick
  • DecoArt Chalky Finish Glass Paint, Heritage
  • Polymer Clay Rosette
  • DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint, Promise
  • Gold star
  • Glitter spray

Use this tutorial to make the polymer clay rosette or use a different embellishment.

 Instructions to make a Christmas Tree book craft:

  1. Paint a glass candlestick from the dollar store with Decoart Chalky Finish Glass Paint in Heritage. Allow to dry. Bake if desired.
  2. Hot glue jute cording around a foam ball then hot glue onto candlestick.
  3. Remove the front and back cover and spine cover of a book 100-150 pages. The older and more flexible the better. I folded a large section of the pages to make folding easier. christmas tree book instructions
  4. Take the first sheet and fold in tight to the edge of the spine. Try to keep your point a clean as you can. Repeat this for every single page. This is a good activity to do while watching tv or chatting with a friend.
  5. Use clothes pins if you need to keep the out of the way as you fold.make a book tree for christmas
  6. If you would like a tall skinny book you can repeat step one and fold the first and subsequent pages with the edge close up to the spine again. You should have a narrow and thicker page that looks sort of like the tip of a man’s tie. Yes, keep on until you have folded all the pages. If you have anything hanging out of the bottom. Fold the bottom point of the “tie” to create a flat bottom for your tree. You may choose to tuck this flap inside the previous fold.
  7. Hot glue the jute covered ball to the candlestick base. Then hot glue the Christmas Tree book to the jute ball. Spray glitter over the book outside in a well ventilated area.
  8. Hot glue on the rosette. Use the tutorial linked above in the supply list.