Spirit Week is upon us, and you know what that means – unleashing your inner stylist for Wild Hair Day! This year, I decided to ditch the usual spikes and bedhead for something more whimsical – Truffula Tree Hair straight out of Dr. Seuss’s world!

Truffula Tree Hair Tutorial for Crazy Hair Day

Both of my daughters were ecstatic, and let’s be honest, this hairstyle definitely turned some heads at school. My son chose to wear a “Wild Hat” instead, and his DIY army helmet with spinning helicopter blades was a hit too! So, for all the moms out there scrambling for unique Crazy Hair Day ideas, this one’s for you!

Wild Hair Day Ideas

Before I show you how to create the Truffala Tree Hair, check out my son’s hat:

DIY Hat for Wild Hat Day

This Army Helmet is a cool, but simple project. We used a plastic army helmet and army men to create it. I used E-6000 to glue them into place, with just a dab of hot glue to secure them until the E-6000 dried. The best part is that the helicopter rotor spins… I’m sure kids will be bugging him all day!

How to Make Hair Stand Up for Crazy Hair Day

Truffula Tree Hair Tutorial

Now, I’m sure moms of girls or long-haired boys are dying to find out how I made the truffula tree, so here we go:

Big rubber band and then several smaller ones (I used rainbow loom bands)
Pipe cleaners


Truffala Tree Hair Tutorial - Twisted Pipe Cleaners

We’ll start by creating the core of the Truffula Tree. Twist a bunch of pipe cleaners together. For my daughter’s hair, five seemed like the perfect number, but hair thickness varies. Do a quick test run to see what works best for you. Remember to bend one end of the twisted pipe cleaners so that it isn’t poking into the scalp all day!

High Ponytail

Time to gather all that beautiful hair into a super-high ponytail. Aim for the very top of the head for maximum Truffula effect.

Truffala Tree Hair Tutorial - Place pipe cleaners into center of ponytail

Here comes the fun part! Insert the folded end of the bundled pipe cleaners into the center of the ponytail. Make sure it’s pushed in nice and deep for stability.

Truffala Tree Hair with Bands

Now, grab the hair and pull it upwards around the pipe cleaners. Twist the hair a few times, and then use a small rubber band to fasten the top portion.

To complete the Truffula look, add several more rubber bands down the length of the ponytail, creating sections that resemble the iconic Truffula tufts.

Truffala Tree Hair Tutorial for Crazy Hair Day

You should now have a Truffula Tree! Feel free to get creative! Tease the ends of the hair for a fluffier look, or add some curls with a curling iron for a playful touch.

This Truffula Tree hairstyle is a guaranteed winner for Wild Hair Day. And bonus points for it being unique and easy to achieve! So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and get ready to conquer Crazy Hair Day with a whimsical Truffula Tree that will have everyone talking!

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