I love making simple circle garlands to use for party decorations. They are not only quick but inexpensive too! All you need to make one is a couple of sheets of Astrobrights paper (I used 9 sheets total – 3 sheets of each color), a 2″ hole punch and a sewing machine.
I personally love using Astrobrights Paper because there are just SO many options to choose from. Astrobrights Papers comes in 26 attention-getting shades – aren’t they all so pretty?

They also come in two thicknesses – regular copy paper and a cardstock.Check out how easy it is to make this garland:

Using your 2″ hole punch, cut out a bunch of paper circles.
Next I sorted the circles by color and then started running them through my sewing machine. 
Set your stitch to the longest straight stitch. I sewed through one circle, did a few stitches and then sewed through the next. That’s it! Make it as long or as short as you want.
Stop back in on Monday to see how I used the garland and other items I made using Astrobrights Papers for my daughters Fire Hydrant and Dalmatians Birthday Party!
Now for the giveaway: